Breglio Law Office



Breglio Law Office is a brick and mortar law firm that provides family and real estate asset protection legal strategies and products. Here is a list of what we  can help you with. Please also see REI Mastery U home page for videos and guidebooks on these strategies and REI Legal page for a description of these entities!

  • Tax Savings/Business LLCs (for typical business operations)
  • Series LLCs (for holding long-term assets like rental properties)
  • IRA LLCs (a self-direction tool)
  • 401K LLCs (a self-direction tool)
  • Solo 401K Trust (a self-direction tool)
  • Family Estate Plans (family living trust and estate planning documents)
  • Asset Protection Trusts (irrevocable protection trusts)
  • Real Estate Holding Trusts (for holding title to real estate privately and real estate investment transactions)
  • Note and Deeds (for borrowing and lending money secured on real estate)
  • Insured Real Estate Closings (through REI Title) and Non-insured Closings


REI Legal

REI Legal is Breglio Law Office online that provides legal Real Estate Investing (REI) form sets for online purchase. Upon purchase you will receive an email with the forms in MS Word format. These forms are copyrighted by REI Legal & Breglio Law Office, and are purchased for your own use and not for resale or distribution. The forms come with limited instruction, so you should be familiar with these investing techniques!


That’s what REI Mastery U online educational programs and REI Mastery Coaching options are all about. You can get all the help you need, right here! We have programs covering every topic below, starting at just $95. You can also read our “Getting Started” ebooks on various topics found on our home page.

For ALL other legal work or investing questions, please use the Schedulers on the REI Mastery Coaching page. Jeff only provides these services to members of the REI Mastery U website. In addition to the educational benefits of membership, you can book a free 5-minute call to discuss what legal work you need or ask any question you’d like. 

“I just love that he answers all my many questions and does’t make me feel foolish. He’s very very clear and concise but explains things in a way we can understand. And he’s just been a pleasure to work with.”

–Eric and Susie Nelson