Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is just that: property created by your intellect, your brain, your creativity, your expression of ideas. It is commonly referred to as IP.

IP encompasses a large area of subjects: a painting you draw, music you compose, a book you write, the name/logo of your business, your catchy ad line to sell your products, and even that better mousetrap you just invented.

The simple IDEA itself is usually not able to be protected. This would stifle others from improving upon an idea already in existance. But, once you express that idea in some form or fashion, then it is protectable. And many business owners do not know that they have valuable intellectual assets that need to be protected.

Breglio Law Office is happy to help you protect all your business assets!

Copyright: Copyright is used to protect what you would consider “artwork” types of intellectual property. This includes music, books, films, paintings and, for small business owners, your logo.

Trademark: Trademarks protect your brand name and possibly your slogan. These are typically just words (and associated logos) that you use in branding your business.

Patent: Patents protect processes, inventions and designs, like software or a new type of wheel.