Hard Money Forms


The pocket lender package of forms provides a simple note and deed and payoff calculator for making private loans.


The Hard Money Package of forms is designed for those wishing to become hard money lenders. This package of forms includes the following documents:

  • Standard Note & Deed
  • Fractional Note & Deed
  • Shared Appreciation Note & Deed
  • All-inclusive Note & Deed
  • Lender’s Escrow Instructions
  • Lender’s Letter (proof of funds for borrower)
  • Payoff calculating spreadsheet
  • Bridge Loan Certification
  • Stand Alone Personal Guarantee
  • Note Modification
  • Note & Deed Assignment
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Notice of Interest & Release
  • Plus additional documents related to lending

The forms are fairly easy to fill out and come with limited instructions. You should be familiar with notes and deeds before using. There may also be regulations about lending in your area. You should consult an attorney before using.

Upon completion of payment, you will get a confirmation screen with a DOWNLOAD button. You may download these forms 1 time and it must be downloaded within 3 days.