Investor’s Package of Forms


The Real Estate Investor Package of forms has everything the buy & hold and fix & flip investor needs.

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The Real Estate Investors Package of forms is designed for all investors picking up rentals and doing flips. This package of forms includes the following documents:

  • 18 Documents & Forms for Landlords, from application to lease to termination. Also included are: move-in checklist, deposit reservation, pool & pet waivers, eviction notices and more!
  • 6 Forms for Flippers, including an independent contractor’s agreement, a guide to working with contractors, payment addendum, lien release, request for bid and scope of work & change forms
  • A warranty deed and  quit claim deed
  • 17 Utah state-approved forms (included for free!)

The forms are fairly easy to fill out and come with limited instructions. You should be familiar with buy & hold and fix & flip investing.

Upon completion of payment, you will get a confirmation screen with a DOWNLOAD button. You may download these forms 1 time and it must be downloaded within 3 days.