Wholesaling Forms


Wholesaling forms to wholesale by assignment of contract, by trust or by disposable LLC.


This package of forms includes all the documents necessary to wholesale by assigning contracts, using trusts or disposable LLCs. The forms come in MS Word version. You are purchasing the right to use forms for your own use, and not for others. These forms were created by attorneys in Utah.  Please consult your own legal counsel if using outside of Utah.

Assigning Contracts

  • Simple Purchase Contract, Assignment Agreement
  • Copy & Paste Disclosure Language for REPC or use elsewhere
  • Addendum to the Purchase Contract
  • Addendum to Assignment Agreement
  • Cancelation notice
  • Novation of Purchase Contract
  • Instructions

Wholesaling by Trust

  • Real Estate Trust Form
  • Transfer of Beneficial Interest: Wholesaling
  • Transfer of Beneficial Interest: Transfer
  • Transfer of Beneficial Interest: Purchase
  • Termination & Appointment of Trustee
  • Certificate of Trust
  • Instructions

Wholesaling by Disposable LLC

  • Certificate of Organization
  • Simple Operating Agreement
  • Transfer of Membership Interest: Wholesale
  • Transfer of Membership Interest: Purchase
  • Manager Change forms
  • Instructions

Upon completion of payment, you will get a confirmation screen with a DOWNLOAD button. You may download these forms 1 time and it must be downloaded within 3 days.