REI Coaching


Here is your access to your personal REI and transactional coaching programs!


Want to become a REI Master? Then this is your solution! This is best way to get the help you need to take your real estate investing to the Mastery Level, and it provides the greatest savings!

Mastery Coaching Packages:

  1. GOLD PACKAGE: Get the above benefits plus 4 hours with Jeff (averaging 20 minutes per month) for just $1,399 for the first year and $999 thereafter. This is a GREAT OPTION for intermediate or advanced investors that have regular, quick questions on their deals that they need help with.
  2. PLATINUM PACKAGE: Get the above benefits plus 8 hours with Jeff (averaging 40 minutes per month) for just $1,999 for the first year and $1,499 thereafter. This is the BEST DEAL for newer to intermediate investors needing greater help during the year.
  3. DIAMOND PACKAGE: This is a custom package for full-time investors that have greater legal needs and regular meetings. Please email me at for more information.

Don’t lose a deal or worry about what “might” happen! Become a Master today!


  1. Professional Investor Membership
  2. Access to all Rookie and Professional Investor Programs
  3. One-on-one transactional consulting and coaching with Jeff at discounted rates
  4.  10-50% off REI legal products like LLCs, forms and trusts (and work with Jeff)
  5. Greater scheduling availability with the Mastery Scheduler

 You can set up either a 20-minute ($125) or 40-minute ($225), or 60-minute ($300Strategy Session phone consultation. We can discuss or cover whatever you’d like. If you have documents associated with your question, please email them to Note that your session may not be enough time to fully cover your needs. If more time or other work is required, we will discuss that in the meeting. You will not be charged for anything beyond the meeting itself.


 This link is for a review of document and phone consult for $250. It includes a 20- minute review of the documents and then a 20-minute call to go over the review. You may need additional time, but we will discuss that prior to collecting any further fees. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU EMAIL ALL DOCUMENTS TO JEFF AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE CALL! Email to


 This is a free, 5-minute phone consultation to answer those pesky little questions that often arise in real estate or to discuss potention help getting you over that hurdle. Obviously this is not for investing education or more complex questions. Please use one of our Strategy Sessions above (or our website content!) for that.