REI Help


One-on-one help to get your questions answered, deal structured or legal services with 4 options to meet every need !

All calls are via ZOOM video conferencing. You do not need to turn on your camera. The meeting will be recorded and provided to you upon request.

 For ALL REI MASTERY U MEMBERS: This is a free5-minute phone consultation to answer those pesky little questions that often arise in real estate or to discuss potential help getting you over that hurdle. Obviously this is not for investing education or more complex questions. Please use one of our Strategy Sessions below or our website content for that!

Self-Direction? For all self-direction questions, please use a Strategy Session below.


Anyone can book a 20-40-or 60-minute Strategy Session by phone call. We can discuss whatever you’d like. Note, your session may not be enough time to fully cover your needs. If more time or other work is required, we will discuss that in the meeting. You will not be charged for anything beyond the meeting itself.

Document Review? Please email Jeff ( your documents in advance of your session. You’ll then start the session to let Jeff know what you’re looking for in the review and discuss any additional time needed to complete the review.


Want immediate answers to your investing questions?

Want to work directly with Jeff?

Want full-service REI legal services & products at steep discounts?

Then this is your solution! This is best way to get the help you need to take your real estate investing to the Mastery Level at the greatest savings! As Jeff has now turned over the daily operations of REI Legal to his associate, he has chosen to continue to work with select, motivated investors on a personal level–Concierge style!

All investors in Concierge Legal will work directly with Jeff via his cell phone and email.

No calling the office.

No waiting for appointments.

All communications are covered in the Concierge Legal yearly fee! Any legal products (LLCs, Notes, Contracts, etc.) are offered at significant discounts from REI Legal’s fees.

This is your chance to have an attorney as close as your phone!

Concierge Legal includes all REI Mastery U website content access, including all Mastery Programs ($1,200 value).

Get CONCIERGE LEGAL for just $2,995/year. This is an AMAZING DEAL for all individual investors who want transactional and legal guidance on their real estate investments and want to reduce their legal costs.

CONCIERGE LEGAL-DIAMOND: This is a custom-designed package for advanced investors wanting regular accountability meetings, greater access and savings, as well as for those TEAM leaders who want to help advance their entire team to the Mastery level! Please call (801) 560-2180 to set a time to go over the details with Jeff.

Don’t lose a deal or worry about what “might” happen because you couldn’t get your question answered! Become a Concierge Legal client today!

Here’s what you’ll get for just $2,995:

  1. Direct access to Jeff with personal service. No calling the office. No waiting for appointments. You can call, text or email depending on the immediacy of your needs.
  2. Full REI Mastery U Website content, including all Mastery Programs. That’s hundreds of hours of education worth $1,200.
  3. Your questions answered, advice to get you over the next challenge, and legal products to secure your deal with confidence.
  4. You’ll get steep discounts (25-50%) on all legal products, potential savings in the $1000s.
  5. Corporate meetings with legal counsel in attendance and  minutes for your entities for added protection, a $500 value.
  6. Coordination between your attorney and other services providers, like CPAs or financial advisors, at no cost so everyone is on the same page.

For those in Diamond/Team, you also get:

  1. A program tailor-made to fit your needs!
  2. Regular accountability meetings to keep you on track and on time to fit your schedule.
  3. Steeper discounts on legal products and many free services like registered agent service on your entities–no renewal fees!
  4. Your team members who become Professional Investor Members of REI Mastery U Website, will get all Mastery Courses added on for free. A great way to get your team to the Mastery level!
  5. Team members can also get their questions answered at no cost.
  6. An amazing, economical way to help get your whole team where you want them.
Want Traditional Full-Service Attorney help?