REI Help


One-on-one help to get your questions answered, deal structured or legal services with 3 options to meet every need !

After more than 25 years and 5000+ transactions as an attorney, investor, agent, private lender and escrow officer, I realized that most real estate investing education lacked true connection. It felt like there were a bunch of pieces from different puzzles, and nothing seemed to fit together.

REI Mastery is designed to get you exactly what you need in a way that fits together AND fits you. From education to coaching I help you put the pieces together.

I have answers to your questions!


Anyone can book a 10-minute Legal Phone Consult. This is your chance to speak with an attorney and get the direction you need. In the call we’ll discuss your legal needs & provide solutions. 

This is not for real estate questions or strategy. Please use a Strategy Session for that. See below for consult topics. 

Jeffrey is of counsel at the law firm of Pearson Butler. Some legal services may be performed by other attorneys at his firm.


Anyone can book a 20-40-or 60-minute Strategy Session by phone call. This is your chance to get that investing question answered. We can discuss whatever you’d like. 


 For ALL REI MASTERY U MEMBERS: This is a free5-minute phone consultation to answer those pesky little questions that often arise in real estate or to discuss potential help getting you over that hurdle. 

New Investor Call:

All New Investors can book a 15-minute welcome call with Jeffrey to start their career in real estate investing off on the right foot. We will discuss getting connected and networking with other investors, REI education, the basics of asset protection, how to build your team and how to be successful in your real estate career.


If you need documents reviewed, please email the documents first to We will then respond with the next steps to complete the review. 

You may use this link to send us an email. Note, however, Jeffrey does not answer legal or investing questions via email. Please use a calendar above for help!