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Real estate investors need legal products, like LLCs and transactional forms. There’s really no way around it. From setting up asset protection LLCs, creating notes & deeds and from trusts to transactional documents, you’re going to need a lawyer on your team. But at REI Legal, we hope to reduce your legal costs. By ordering online you can save $100s over getting the same products at Breglio Law Office!

Check out below for REI Legal Forms, Business Entities, Family & Protection Trusts and Self-Direction Products and Other Legal needs and products. There are also Free forms and documents!

REI Legal Forms

Here are legal REI form sets for online purchase. Upon purchase you will receive an email with the forms in MS Word format. These forms are copyrighted by REI Legal & Breglio Law Office, and are purchased for your own use and not for resale or distribution. The forms come with limited instruction, so you should be familiar with these investing techniques!

Real Estate Investing Resources

That’s what REI Mastery U online educational programs and REI Mastery Coaching options are all about. You can get all the help you need, right here! We have programs covering every topic below, starting at just $99. You can also read our “Getting Started” ebooks on various topics found on our home page.


All forms needed to wholesale by assignment of contract, by trust and by disposable LLC!

Only $395 (save $100)


Just need the Real Estate Trust to hold title to property? Then this is your form!

Only $245 (save $100)


All forms for seller financed deals, including specific contracts to these deals!

Only $395 (save $200)


All forms for to lease option properties, including a master & sub leases, options and more!

Only $195 (save $200)


All forms needed to get started in REI! Including forms for buy & holds and fix & flips!

Only $45 (save $50)


Here are all our FREE forms in one package. Click the link to get a list of included forms!

Only $0 (that’s FREE!)


A full set of various loan docs and reconveyances for the true hard money lender!

Only $495 (save $200)


This package contains a simple note and deed, payoff calculator for simple loans!

Only $145 (save $150)

Business & Asset protection Entities

Below are the REI asset protection & tax savings entities available for purchase online. By clicking on a link below, you’ll be taken to an online form to fill out the information we need to create the documents. You will pay upon submitting the form. These are not online forms. We will hand-create the entity, registered it with the state and then mail your binder of documents within three (3) business days. There is no attorney consultation time when ordering these products online.

For partnerships, please see Other Legal Products below!

LLC & Asset Protection Resources

The Standard LLC

This is the LLC for tax savings real estate businesses (think, flipping, wholesaling or real estate agent), holding a single asset, or for use as a sub company.

Only $495 (save $100)

The Series LLC

The Series LLC if for holding multiple assets in a protective LLC (think, rentals)! It's a single LLC that can create sub-series that are separate for liability purposes.

Only $795 (save $200)


Everyone needs an estate plan! It’s part of your overall asset protection and succession program. It all starts with the Family Trust & estate plan documents. The Asset Protection trust can add an additional layer of protection for certain assets. 1) You begin the process of getting your trusts by filling out our trust intake form and paying online. 2) After reviewing the data, we will arrange a phone call to discuss the details and answer any questions. 3) In the phone meeting we will schedule a time for you to come into our office to sign the completed documents.

Family & Protection Trust Resources 
Standard Family Trust

This is a family estate plan package designed for families without business holdings or significant assets. There is no attorney consultation or customizations with this package 

Only $795 (save $200)

Premier Family Trust

Our premier family estate plan package is our best package designed for those with business holdings, real estate assets and provides customizations designed to  meet your needs.

Only $1795 (save $200)

Asset Protection Trust

The domestic asset protection trust is the most protective tool that we provide. While not for everyone, it is about the only way to protect a primary residence, stocks and cash.

Only $2495 (save $500)

self-direction products

Self-direction is the means to use retirement accounts funds in real estate investing. It is great tool, but an advanced REI strategy. You should be fully informed before getting started in self-direction and before ordering one of these products. While some of the resources below are helpful, we highly encourage you to take our Self-Direction Mastery Course for a full understanding of self-direction and the use of the vehicles.

Self-Directions Resources


The IRA, LLC provides "checkbook" control over self-directed funds. Your IRA account must already be at a custodian before getting this LLC.

Only $795 (save $200)

The Solo 401K Trust

The Solo 401K Trust is a 401K Plan for self-employed people. It provides immediate access and control over 401K funds.

Only $895 (save $100)


Below is a list of other products and services that REI Legal and Breglio Law Office can help with. If you need help with those, give the office a call at (801) 560-2180.

Remember that all needs regarding help with REI transactions, like seller financing deals, are done through REI Mastery Coaching programs and REI Mastery U‘s online education. Those are not legal products.

If what you need is not on this list, we may not be able to help. But may have a referral source for you! We do not litigate or do dispute settlements or negotiations. Jeff does provide some additional legal services for those in one of our REI Mastery Coaching packages. Again, give the office a call and we’ll provide what we can.

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