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Real estate investors need legal products, like LLCs and transactional forms. There’s really no way around it. From setting up asset protection LLCs, creating notes & deeds to trusts & transactional documents, you’re going to need a lawyer on your team. At REI Legal, powered by Breglio Law Office, we hope to reduce your legal costs by focusing on just what real estate investors need.

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Resources and Desccriptions

The Business LLC

This is the LLC for tax savings for real estate businesses (think, flipping, wholesaling or real estate commissions), for holding a single asset (like multifamily) or use as a sub company. We can create LLCs in all 50 states.


The IRA, LLC is a self-direction structure for checkbook control over your self-directing Individual Retirement Account (IRA). This LLC can greatly speed up your ability to do deals and reduce the transaction fees at your custodian!

The Solo 401K Trust

The Solo 401K Trust is a self-direction tool to invest 401K funds in real estate. This Trust avoids the need for a custodian and their fees, allows checkbook control and faster transactions on your deals. This is our preferred way to self-direct your retirement.

The Series LLC

The Series LLC is designed for asset protection to hold multiple assets in a single protective LLC (think, rentals)! We can set up Series LLCs in all states that offer them. You can also use this LLC for rentals outside of Utah!

Family Living Trust

The Family Living Trust is an estate planning tool that should be a part of your overall asset protection structure. At REI Legal, we do it differently than other attorneys as we strive achieve both estate planning and asset protection goals!

Asset Protection Trust

The Utah Asset Protection Trust is a higher level, additional layer of protection for investors with significant assets. While a great tool, it doesn’t work for everyone. Our Getting Started eBook will answer most of your questions.

REI Legal Online Forms

Here are legal REI form sets for online purchase. Upon purchase you will receive an email with the forms in MS Word format. These forms are copyrighted by REI Legal & Breglio Law Office, and are purchased for your own use and not for resale or distribution. The forms come with limited instruction, so you should be familiar with these investing techniques! 


All forms needed to wholesale by assignment of contract, by trust and by disposable LLC!

Only $395 (save $100)


Just need the Real Estate Trust to hold title to property? Then this is your form!

Only $245 (save $100)


All forms for seller financed deals, including specific contracts to these deals!

Only $395 (save $200)


All forms for to lease option properties, including a master & sub leases, options and more!

Only $195 (save $200)


All forms needed to get started in REI! Including forms for buy & holds and fix & flips!

Only $45 (save $50)


Here are all our FREE forms in one package. Click the link to get a list of included forms!

Only $0 (that’s FREE!)


A full set of various loan docs and reconveyances for the true hard money lender!

Only $495 (save $200)


This package contains a simple note and deed, payoff calculator for simple loans!

Only $145 (save $150)

Our Family Living Trust, Asset Protection Trust & Solo 401K Trust all begin with online intakes to gather the information we need to create these trusts. You can fill them out at any time. However, you will need to call the office and speak with an attorney first before we create these trusts! Call (801) 560-2180 to speak with a lawyer today!