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The Business LLC

This is the LLC for tax savings for real estate businesses (think, flipping, wholesaling or real estate commissions), for holding a single asset (like multifamily) or use as a sub company. 

The Series LLC

The Series LLC is designed for asset protection to hold multiple assets in a single protective LLC (think, rentals)! You can also use this LLC along with a real estate trust  for rentals outside of Utah!


The IRA, LLC is a self-direction structure for checkbook control over your self-directing your IRA. This LLC can greatly speed up your ability to do deals and reduce the transaction fees at your custodian!

Family Living Trust

The Family Living Trust is an estate planning tool that should be a part of your overall asset protection structure. At REI Legal, we do it differently as we strive achieve both estate planning & asset protection goals!

Asset Protection Trust

The Utah Asset Protection Trust is a higher, additional layer of protection for investors with significant assets. While a great tool, it doesn’t work for everyone. Read our Getting Started eBook for more info.

The Solo 401K Trust

The Solo 401K Trust is a self-direction tool to invest 401K funds in real estate. This Trust avoids the custodian & fees, allows checkbook control & faster transactions. This is our preferred vehicle to self-direction.


Here you can order  common corporate & real estate legal documents, make changes to your LLC, transfer title, or fulfill other needs.  You order, we create!

REI Investing Forms

Here you can order  common real estate investing forms that you can keep and use repeatedly.  You purchase, you create!


All forms needed to wholesale by assignment of contract, by trust and by disposable LLC!


All forms for seller financed deals, including specific contracts to these deals!


All forms for to lease option properties, including a master & sub leases, options and more!


All forms needed to get started in REI! Including forms for buy & holds and fix & flips!


A full set of various loan docs and reconveyances for the true hard money lender!


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