REI Lending


Here's your access to REI Financing on your next deal, or to become a lender yourself!


Got a deal that needs funding? Just email the details of your project and I’ll send you availability and terms. Here’s what I’ll need:

  1. Purchase contract
  2. Amount requested
  3. Use of funds (purchase or rehab)
  4. Statement of ARV with justifying comps
  5. Anticipated length of term for loan
  6. Brief bio of your flips (if I haven’t loaned to you before)

Got money you want to lend? If you’ve got funds you’re looking to place at better rates than a savings account or even stock market, let me now. I might be able to get that cash working for you.

Use the Contact page to email me your details!

Jeffrey S. Breglio
NMLS #1952420
Graystone Mortgage, LLC (NMLS #18163)