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Welcome to the amazing world of real estate investing! We’re glad you’ve chosen our online educational programs to get started. You’ll be glad you did. 

Starting with the Rookie Investor Program, you learn the basis of every real estate transaction–the purchase contract, and additional core competencies. The Professional Investor Program will introduced to more advanced strategies like seller financing, wholesaling, borrowing & lending money, self-direction, and more!

To become a true REI Master, take our individual REI Mastery Courses! These are “add on” educational courses to our Professional Investor membership level.

Pro Tip: Check out our Coaching packages to get one-on-one coaching, additional benefits PLUS our Professional Investor membership included!

Just choose your program and get started on becoming a REI MASTER today!


Don’t underestimate the importance of the basics! This program is designed to really drive home the FUNDAMENTAL documents, terms and issues that affect EVERY deal you will do. Even seasoned investors review the basics on a regular basis. Whether you’re just starting out (or experienced!!), you will learn a lot in these videos.

Lifetime Membership is only $99! What? That’s almost free? That’s UNBELIEVABLE for almost 5 hours of solid REI education. But we’re confident you’ll want to enroll in our Professional Investor Educational Program.

Here are theRookie Investor Classes:

  1. The Real Estate Purchase Contract
  2. Real Estate Closings & Documents
  3. Title, Deeds & Clouds
  4. Buy & Holding Real Estate Investing
  5. Fix & Flipping Real Estate Investing


Here’s what you get!

  1. 5 Rookie Investor Class Videos
  2. eTextbook
  3. Rookie Investor Final Exam
  4. Rookie Investor Certificate
  5. Access to our Mastery Library
  6. Members Only Webinars

All this? For $99? Why are you waiting??


OUR BEST DEAL BY FAR! In our Professional Investor Program, you get everything in our Rookie Investor Program plus you’ll learn all major real estate investing strategies that advanced investors regularly use. 

Registration in the program is only $499! You’ll get  the additional 7 Professional Investor program videos and one year membership that drops to just $299 after the first year for continued access to content in this recurring membership!

Here are the 7 Professional Investor Classes:

  1. Asset Protection Essentials
  2. Wholesaling Essentials
  3. Hard Money Essentials
  4. Seller-Financing Essentials
  5. Partnering Essentials
  6. Self-Direction Essentials
  7. Real Estate Taxation Essentials


Here’s what you get!

  1. Everything in the Rookie Investor Program, PLUS
  2. The 7 Professional Investor Class Videos
  3. Professional Investor eTextbook
  4. Professional Investor Final Exam
  5. Profesional Investor Certificate
  6. Protection & Privacy Mastery Course for FREE ($399 value!)
  7. Ability to purchase Mastery Courses add-on

REI Mastery U’s Mastery Courses are advanced, deep dives into specific real estate investing techniques. This is our most advanced content and where we will continue to post all new content in theses areas. They are one-time purchase “add ons” to our Professional Investor membership level, or our Gold or Platinum Mastery Coaching programs. As long as you’re a member in any of those, you’ll have access to any Mastery Course you purchased.


  1. Video of live Mastery event
  2. Presentation Slide Deck
  3. Mastery eTextbook (except Protection & Privacy Mastery)
  4. Additional Video Content from previous webinars and live classes–New stuff is always being added to stay current!
  5. Mastery Course Final Exam (answers and explanations included to help you learn)
  6. Mastery Course Certificate

Earn ALL FIVE Mastery Certificates and get your Mastery Medallion!


  1. All REI Mastery U’s content is provided online only so that you have 24/7 access from any device. The material is copyrighted and not available for download, delivery or resale.
  2. There are no refunds from any purchase on our website. All paid memberships are yearly recurring with an initial fee and then a reduced yearly renewal fee. You may cancel at any time and will have access until the end of your paid subscription period. Upon termination or subscription, you will be moved to our free, lifetime Rookie Investor membership level.
  3. Mastery Courses are one-time, purchase add-on courses to our Professional Investor membership level only. Coaching programs come with Professional Investor membership as an added benefit. You must be in the Professional Investor level to have access to these courses. You may purchase any single course or all of them at any time. If you cancel or end your membership, access to these mastery courses will also end. We are continually adding more content to our mastery courses all the time to keep you updated and educated!