Included in all Memberships!

What is Tribe+: A new, in-person & virtual, educational, networking & investment group taught by Jeffrey S. Breglio with other amazing coaches.

When is Tribe+: Every WEDNESDAY from Noon to 1 pm, Q&A to follow. 

Where is Tribe+: For in person: REI TITLE OFFICES at 234 E 2100 South, SLC UT 84115. For virtual: PLEASE HOME PAGE FOR ZOOM AND YOUTUBE LINKS!

Who is Tribe+: Everyone is welcome! Membership not required.

Why Tribe+: There are so many reasons we have to list them below! All you need to bring is your commitment!

To foster BETTER LEARNING, we will not be advertising the coach or topic in advance. Trust me! We’ve designed this so you actually learn and stop wasting your time getting bits and pieces of half the story while you’re half paying attention. 🙂 This is REAL real estate investing EDUCATION!

Coaching+: You’ll have personal access to amazing and EXPERIENCED investor/educator coaches to learn from different perspectives and strengths. We also invite guest educators! Every new investor is trying to be an “educator” these days. Don’t be fooled. No worrying about fly-by-the-night newbie investors thinking they are experienced and able to coach. They’re not. They are just looking for marketing opportunities. You’ll never really LEARN at REIA’s or luncheons! Go with EXPERIENCE! 

Learn more about your coaches: Jeff Breglio, Mitch Nelson, Matt Nelson, Yoshi Shiraki.

Networking+: Weekly Tribe+ educational & social events are IN PERSON & structured to help you INTERACT with other investors and coaches, with special emphasis on how to PARTNER successfully in deals! You won’t get lost in our crowd! You cannot learn over the computer, period! Come sit in one of our classes and learn the difference!

Education+: All education is structured, teacher-student, “classroom” style with ONLINE manuals, prep (home) work, and individual and group exercises for REAL learning. We will also be hosting smaller group educational experiences for more intimate learning. You need to see real estate from many angles. REI Mastery U’s online videos and content are integrated into our learning programs for follow-up and review at your own speed.

Deal Analysis+: Exclusive access to Jeff and the other coaches for DEAL-specific help and analysis! Don’t go it alone! We created this program specifically to get you access to actual coaches for real time help. Get the PERSONALIZED help you’ve been looking for to succeed!

Forms & Documents+: As members, you have access to all Jeff’s real estate investing FORMS. As part of Tribe+ you’ll actually use these forms in the classroom to really UNDERSTAND them.

Meetings+: Weekly live meetings designed to MAXIMIZE education (by actual top real estate coaches and educators) and MAXIMIZE interaction for better deal making! Meetings are no fluff, no marketing educational experiences with plenty of Q&A time to get your questions answered.

Mind Set+: Jeff and the other coaches will take you beyond other personal and business mind set programs, including Tony Robbins! Jeff has been working for years on better ways to achieve success and personal fulfillment!

Financial Freedom+: Part of your education includes retirement planning and forecasting with step-by-step goal planning to get you where you want to be!

Exclusivity+: All REI Mastery U website members are automatically part of the REI Tribe+! This is NOT for flakes and wanna-be investors! This program is designed for those that want to become master real estate investors and achieve personal financial freedom! Join Tribe+ today by becoming a member of the REI Mastery U website.

The REI TRIBE+ meets EVERY TUESDAY at NOON.  The classes will be held at 234 E 2100 S, SLC (REI TITLE Offices). Members welcome! Non-members can attend once.