After 20 years and 4000+ transactions as an attorney, investor, agent, lender and escrow officer, I realized that most real estate investing education lacked true connection. It felt like collecting pieces from different puzzles, and nothing fit.

REI Mastery is designed to get you exactly what you need in a way that fits together AND fits you. From education to coaching, from legal work to lending, we help you put the pieces together.

SELLER FINANCING MASTERY: This is what you’ve been waiting for! Don’t miss out on the coming market for seller-financed deals! Learn the strategies for success!
  • Thurs, Sept 10, Evening Webinar: Comparing Seller Financing Methods
  • Sat, Sept 12, All day live class, Seller Financing Mastery
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Taking Single Family Commercial: This MEMBERS ONLY  webinar will cover the 5 Keys to converting a single family residence into a commercial property !
  • Fri, Aug 21 Noon. Webinar
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Learn the 3 Trusts used in REI
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