REI Legal - Family Living Trust

REI LEGAL: Family Living Trust

Powered by Breglio Law Office, this is our online intake for a family estate plan.

Welcome to REI Legal’s online family estate plan intake questionnaire. This estate plan is the EXACT SAME set of documents we have always provided to our clients, but at only $1,495, it is discounted $500 off our normal office fee. As such, there are some limitations on the customization of the documents, inclusions, and consult time with an attorney. This is further described below.

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Limitations: This discounted estate plan comes with the following limitations: 1) For single or legally married persons only. 2) No funding of assets into the trust. 3) No initial meeting and one (1) follow up meeting to answer questions. 4) No signing of documents.

Other documents or services you may need (you can order these while filing out the intake for an additional fee): 1) Warranty Deed to fund your primary residence into the trust. 2) Transfer on Death Agreements to fund your LLCs into the trust. 3) Scheduled signing through our office.

Family Living Trust Guidebook or there are videos on our homepage.