Yoshi's Biography

"Goals without action are just dreams. Dreams require absolutely nothing, but goals may require everything you got!"

-Yoshi Shiraki

More about Yoshi!

It all began...

Yoshi Shiraki started his investing career in 2001 purchasing his first rental property in Salt Lake City while residing in New York City at the time. While attending the Real Estate Investing Associations (REIA’s) in NYC, these REIA’s all focused their education on buying real estate virtually outside of New York City due to the extremely high prices in New York City. Due to this, Yoshi’s start to real estate investing was through virtual investing.  Yoshi virtually invested  in Kansas City, Up State New York, and Salt Lake City, all while residing in Manhattan, NYC.

In 2008, Yoshi moved from NYC to Salt Lake City and became a full time real estate professional fixing and flipping houses, wholesaling, and land lording. 

In 2010, Yoshi soon became known in the investing community as someone who loved to share and help others which led to the beginning of his path as a real estate speaker, educator, and coach.  Over the years, Yoshi has spoke on stage to thousands of investors across the country from Orlando, Key West, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Phoenix, Austin, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles. 

In 2019, Yoshi began his path in radio as he landed his own weekly radio show which aired every Saturday on KTALK Radio where Yoshi discussed the topic of real estate, mindset, and goal achievement.

In 2021, Yoshi started doing monthly television segments on real estate. 

Yoshi has always had an entrepreneur spirit and owns a U.S. patent on a product he invented, he is also a published author of a book that both Robert Allan and Richard Paul Evans helped him publish, and of course he is also a real estate investor. 

Today, Yoshi still fixes and flips houses, wholesales, landlords, but enjoys coaching his sons baseball, basketball, soccer, & football teams as well as being his sons boxing trainer for the 2036 summer Olympics games.