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YES! WE’RE still here!

While Jeff has retired from the “full-time” practice of law in order to focus on his own investing and other businesses, he is still providing legal products and services to the local REI community, just a little differently.

Take just a minute and watch the video to hear from Jeff! >>>

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REI MASTERY U: Education

Your premier source for online and live real estate investing education! ALL online content is now available for all members, including the Mastery Library, Rookie Investor Program, Professional Investor Program, and ALL Mastery Courses! Just check out the Online and Live Courses tabs in the main menu.

Benefits of membership:

  1. ALL site educational programs and content, including all Rookie, Pro and Mastery level courses (more info here)
  2. Free 5-min Q&A calls with Jeff to get those pesky questions answered (book a call here)
  3. All LLCs discounted $200 (get an LLC now!)
  4. Family living trust discounted $1000 (get a Trust now!)
  5. Free real estate investing forms (a $1200 value)(get forms now!)
  6. Free corporate documents (a $500 value)(get documents now!)
  7. COMING JAN 2023: Free access to The REI TRIBE! A new way to connect-learn-invest as part of the premier investing group in the state! Four coaches to guide you to REI success! Go beyond the REIAs and masterminds. This is where you want to be!
  8. All this for just $495! (register now!). Yearly recurring membership; cancel at any time!
REI LEGAL: Legal products & services

REI Legal provides all the same legal and asset protection products we always have. But instead of phone consults, it’s all booked online here–and it’s discounted!! There are guidebooks, videos as well as hints and tips to help you fill out the online intakes. If you need to discuss these products before booking, you can always book a strategy session with Jeff.

Here’s what you can get: (more info here)

  1. Business (tax savings) LLC. $50 off for everyone. $200 off for members
  2. Series (rentals) LLC. $100 off for everyone. $200 off for members
  3. IRA (self-direction) LLC. $100 for everyone. $200 off for members
  4. Family Living Trust. $500 off for everyone. $1000 off for members
  5. Discounted Solo 401 (self-direction) Trust and Utah Asset Protection Trust
  6. Discounted REI Investing forms (like seller financing contracts). FREE for members
  7. Discounted corporate forms (like LLC changes). FREE for members
REI HELP: Answering your questions

We understand that investors have a lot of questions. That’s why Jeff created REI Mastery U. With hundreds of hours of online content and live education, you can get all your answers here! But if you need to speak with Jeff on a specific question, he has provided 3 ways to get the help you need.

  1. Free 5-min Q&A calls for members. This is the fastest way to get an answer to those little questions that come up.
  2. Stand alone Strategy Sessions. These are booked in 20, 40 or 60 minute increments. The time is yours to ask anything you want.
  3. Concierge Legal Program. This is for investors really looking to take their investing to the mastery level by having their own personal lawyer on their team. You’ll work directly with Jeff in the most economical way.

Book time with Jeff or get more information here!

REI TITLE: Closing your deals

We built REI Title specifically for the Utah real estate investor community. We specialize in wholesale deals, seller-financed transactions, commercial and, of course, retail transactions. REI Legal provides note & deeds, trusts and other transactional forms as part of our closings. Just click the REI Title tab in the main menu.

REI LENDING: Funding your deals

At REI Lending, we’re here to fund your deals. For more information, please click the REI Lending tab in the main menu.